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Red Ocean Ship Management Pvt. Ltd. assist and provides Maritime training services with regards to the STCW training courses to upgrade into higher ranks. As per demand in maritime industry the company opened the doors to many foreign officers and we design simple strategies that can help one achieve career success. 

Our team has \"real world\" experiences and maritime specialist that brings creativity, enthusiasm, and common sense to both people and maritime organizational challenges. 

The Training centers recommended by us offers courses and certifications that are complying with regulations established by IMO. We have been certified by the government of Honduras to provide assessment for the Certificate of Competence (CoC), if you wish to learn more about our courses and assessments, please contact us here.

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STCW Basic Course

Excel 2010 - 13, Function Formula, VBA - Macro, MS Access, SQL, Power Point, Data Modelling, Dashboard, Power Pivot, Power View, DAX, Power Map, Data Visualization, Connectivity, Web queries and lots more...

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GP Rating

Variable, Type, Initialization, Object Model, Decision, Loops, Select Case, In Built Function, Function Procedure, Calling Method, ErrorHandling, File Debugging, Arrary, Event Handling, UserForm, Validation, Connectivity with the applications , Project work.

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Deck Cadet

Conditional Formating, Table, Validation, Pivot Table, Charts, Sparkline, Slicer, Connection, Web Queries, Scenario,Protection, Dynamic charts, Functions - Formula (Merging, Customization, Referencing), Connectivity...

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Database, Normalization, DDL, DML, DCL, DQL, Constarint, Function, Group, Having, Join, Sub Queries, Sequence, Synonym, Views, Index, TCL , Advance SQL, Blocks, Variable, Cursor, Exception Handling, Error Trapping...

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